Saturday, August 22, 2009

Subway Fat Seats

Brazilian subways have installed “priority seating for obese people”, with helpful color-coding. Weird, So no, not everyone in Brazil looks like Gisele.

Friday, August 14, 2009

A Touch Of Class

V Magazine
Model - Iris Strubegger
Photographed by Willy Vanderperre

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City Magazine's Ladies of The Night

photographed by Zach Gold

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Newly acquired spiral shaver below. I use it for cucumbers so that I can wrap my sushi rolls with them, but I tried it with a potato, and it started shaving out a long sheet of potato..........You can see I am spinning the wheel so the potato feeds through the blade.



It sort of looks like tissue paper. I'm holding the spiral shaved sheet of one potato in the picture below.. Its pretty long..

_DSC8715 copy


This long sheet above now becomes 8 small sheets, uniform in size and visuals.


Flavors; Red pepper thread, prosciutto + red peppercorn, cilantro, and Vanilla. Mr. Adria is well known for his Vanilla whipped mashed potatoes. I thought I could try this vanilla flavor for potato chips...Gross? Maybe. I quite like it. I had never tried Vanilla under the savory context. My plan is to layer these ingredients in between two sheets, sort of like mummifying them or sandwiching them so they are "Trapped".


Vanilla seeds...


Spreading the vanilla on the potato sheet.


So you can see in this image I just sandwiched the flavors in.


Baking rack. This is a waved baking rack made especially for baking french baguettes but I used it to create waves for the potatoes while baking them. This rack is also good because it has a perforated wall which lets the steam from the potato disappear, allowing for a crispier chip.
I noticed Cilantro had the most moisture. Next time I will dry my cilantro first.


Sprayed with PAM, and baked at 250 F for 40-50 minutes. Its more like dehydrating and baking at the same time.







You can see I have a very strange fixation with Vanilla and potatoes...




I think these chips are good for snacking while drinking alcohol... before a dinner party. You know, when everyone just starts to get to your place and the food's not quite ready yet but people are eager to drink...I think the potato+prosciutto combo is better than serving Beef Jerky. Why do I sound like Ina Garten right now? I'm much too young to be talking like this and I don't even like dinner parties..


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Nails Child

In the FLY16x9 film short, concocted for Nomenus Quarterly's feature on Hussein Chalayan, lime nail by lime nail is bitten off with trepidation for a foreboding, unseen presence.

hussein chayalan ali michael 16x9 nomenus quarterly

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