Sunday, September 20, 2009

Margret Durow

Its people like Durow that make me feel like i've been wasting my life away. Where's my thread and needles, MUST CREATE. At only 19 she has accomplished a great line of work, the kind of pictures tumblr-ies go bonkers over. Blogger: chicklitt - Create Post

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"I came across her profile (I think) two days ago and I was just stunned. Her work tells so many stories, the whole atmohsphere in her works is just unbelievable and evoke a lot of emotions in me (the second “series” on her site is so … well view it for yourself). She is nly 19 years old and I think we will hear and see a lot of more of her work."

Her website. Her flickr

Violet Hour Finds

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Really like this scarf by Missoni.
Zig Zag Ombre Scarf

i also quite like the simplicity of this Thea Grant earring. The brushed gold clapse detail works well with the overall animated look of the hearts.
Bijou Ave. Earrings

Juicy Couture Fall Winter 2009 Campaign

Ad Campaign for Juicy Couture modeled by Lisa Cant and Photography by Tim Walker.

"Lisa Cant fronting for a few seasons now in Juicy Couture advert's photographed traditionally by Tim Walker. Try and top those bunny ears Mr. Jacobs."

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Free Livin With Nature

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Jalouse February 2008

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Who Doesn't Heart Tim Burton?

To cap the Tim Burton mania, from Spanish mag Ae, styled by Kattaca and shot by Gregorio Triviño, "I love Tim Burton"...ahhh, sweet...

Tricks and Treats

Shot by Tim Walker and entitled Tim Burton's Tricks and Treats, it's based on Tim Burton's universe and features the man himself alongside a dazzling array of goth frocs and some of his defining characters.
If something rings a bell or looks somewhat familiar, that's because this wasn't the first these two Tim's got together! They'd already collaborated on the editorial Tales of the Unexpected, inspired by Roald's Dahl's work.

Also, don't forget to check the other Tim Burton inspired editorial!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hunky Scarecrow Hits the Hay in This Wonderland Magazine Spread


Someone thank the Wizard (and Wonderland magazine, at that), because im loving this editorial featuring a smoldering Viggo Jonanson in an ostensibly post-barn-frolic. Matthes Brooks shot the tousled Viggo as the only scarecrow guaranteed to attract all the birds to the yard: Dressed in a burlap hat, hobo-clown patterns, and a knit turtleneck pulled ninja-style over his face, Viggo shows that even without a lint roller and comb, looking dashing is as easy as a quick toss in the haystack. Anyone up for a game of King of the Mountain? [Knight Cat]



credit Connie Wang
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