Thursday, April 23, 2009

online shopping - ASOS

i like ASOS because not only are most their prices affordable but its best feature is the fact they have videos for all their dresses. You never know how good the chlothes really are, or how they fit and even though the models in the videos try their best to make the clothes look appealing there's no getting passed you liking it or not.

They also have a men's, beauty and house sections. I shop in US dollars and they have an exchange option in the corner right of the web-site, which really comes in handy

I have one like this in black and white, i actually like them as separates, skirt&top but these are always great if you have no idea what to wear. Just add on a cardigan and flats and you good


Friday, April 17, 2009

shopping online done right

Pixie Market has always been somewhat of a favorite, i love their quirky dresses and hints of drama. Like their accessories section, mostly consisted of tiny mad hatter hats, of all colors, i adore them all
this is a tad ridiculous but i suppose it could rock out in a photo shoot of kinds.. something i'd figure Steve Aoki would wear?

I like this, its a cuff kind bracelet.. resembles a bow tie and i like it.

I almost, almost bought this one.. such a shame its sold out but i was afraid i wouldn't look particularly good in it, i could very much sport it regularly but im afraid i wouldn't look as cute as i might wish i would..

I really like the print on this one, im sure i won't always say the same but i really like this pattern , sadly it's sold out too

this dress reminded me of something i had seen in the news not too long ago.. im sure you have too. I think it was the Mexican playboy, well they had an issue with one of it's "models" wearing nothing but a veil resembling that of the Virgin Mary. This caused some turmoil with the church, but nothing surprises me now a days

this one, my final i promise is more angelical seriously there are little angels floating about.. hah well ya i like it, its very "pretty" i like the pale color and the shape, it's not grade A but considering our economy i don't think its all too bad at $96.

hey never said nothing about accessories. =]
i think this scarf/neckpiece is crazy cool, i have seen others but this is the first (in my price range..only not really) i'd ever consider buying.. if ever i'd feel like an 1800's pompous judge

Saturday, April 4, 2009


finally, if only i had a screen that big and a wii.. dude i cannot afford all them goddies on my student's pay.. but i shall, oo how i shall

The WiiSpray Project- check it out at both wiispray and hypebeast

snow white likes apples

seeing i wont be getting one of those dandy lil computers i posted before, i'd very much like this one =D

check it at X.T.C-tumblr

get alod of this

new age of pc's to come.. I CAN'T WAIT till i get my hands on one of these babies.. well i can dream anyway, their so dope i'd sell my right kidney for em

HP Perfume.
with this model you can change your laptop to a lamp or air freshener with ability to download smell samples and mix it with smell matrix of HP Perfume laptop.
HP Nobag
Yes, it's made for little bags and persons who don't like big square laptops. Hard OLED technology with touch sensors, deep blue color of pure glass - what else do you need?
HP Chameleon.
This concept has a adaptive microcell coverage, that can be transformed into the surround background. This laptop has three cameras for environment analysis.
HP Fitness.
This laptop is for weight control purposes. Also has a similar bangle for sport sessions, such as running or stepping.
HP Mama.
You can't break it. You can't sink it. It has 3d-free monitor section design and two bluetooth cameras with amplifier for videotracking your children. Also another bangle with a beacon.

check it all out at HP Concepts by Nikita Buyanov


a cute idea.. im not a fan of the full canvas ones like these because at one point it get all crinkled and hard, so it kinda looks like a crumpled up dress shirt. I bought two urband outfiters fales up, i was with a friend who got annoyed of my shopping and just bough a size 8 (my size) when i got to wearign them they were tight and my toes are visable, you can clearly note that they are suffocated in them...

check more Timothy Lilies designs, some that you might recognize already..

oo and these i really want